Saturday, April 28, 2007

5 Reasons Why I Blog

Kena Tag by erizabesu, thanks to her I finally have something to blog after working non stop for weeks, I don't even feel blogging the pathetic life of mine, being push into such situation.. anyway, here it is...

5 - To F*ck other people's mind.

4 - A leng looi told me I'll be very cool if I blog. Turns out she is lying, coz my coolness didn't increase, and she lies more on April.

3 - Anger management, as written here.

2 - To let my buddies know I'm still alive.

1 - TO WRITE STUPID THINGS DONE BY IDIOTS/MORONS AND HOPE THAT THEY ACTUALLY READ THIS BLOG AND GET SMARTER. Then I actually did something good for the community. Yeah right, as if they smart enough to know I'm talking about them...

and the Tag ends here :)


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