Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm sad, yet happy, today.

It's her last day in the company and it's also the first time I had breakfast with her, after knowing her for more than a year. Her treat. She join the company 1 week before me. May be because we came in almost the same time, we go along quite well.

We use to help each other a lot during work, especially during the time I was handling the 2 to 1 project. We also shared stories about each other, about our lover and work, I particularly like her attitude, her sense of responsibility, the way she handle things, the way she talk, the things she said to encourage me when I'm stressed/down, being as a good friend and and mostly, her smile. I missed how we use to work late together just to get things done, how we use to chat at the first floor balcony at Cyberjaya, taking a few puffs. And never forget, how gorgeous she was during the company team building dinner at Kuantan.

Now it's time for her to move on. I'm happy for her because deep down I know she deserved a better place, a place where bosses recognize and treasure their staff, a place where senior management won't play the ignore game and making you fight hard for the benefits you suppose to get as signed in the contract.

After I start working years ago, there are not much of people whom I can regard as friend but she's one of them. There are near 30 people came on her farewell today, even people from the KL HQ came over. And that doesn’t include people who can’t attend her farewell due to meetings and stuff. That’s how much she was loved by people.

I'm going to miss you, Kelly. Good luck to you and... have fun :)


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