Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Buddha bless my friends

I always receive forwarded emails like "SOS, 95% burned child need money for surgery", "Please donate blood of XXX who's in ICU", "Please save XXX by giving him money or he'll start robbing and raping people". The third on is fake, if you didn't realise :p

Some of these been circulating for many years, and some are new. Normally I'll delete most, unless it'send by my closest friends, I'll call to check and forward out, because they know I'll make them pay for the next mamak session if they spam me.

Last sunday was indeed the first circulating email that put me into deep thoughts. It was my friend. One of my friend whom I had known for 20 years. I was so shock to saw her name and the IC number that match her birthday. It was about she just admitted to ICU, and need lots of blood. After a minute of stunt and blank mind, I immediately called her hp, but no one pick up. During that time I still hope that it was a joke or spam, until I call another few friends, non of them pick up as well. I began to sweat, heart beating like just finished a maraton. At the end I tried to call the hp number of a contact person in the email.

Fortunately, my friend has recovered, thanks to many people who responded to the call. I was so glad to hear that she's still.... ahem... alive. It was like a 5 minutes roller coster ride for me.

Sorry to say I'll start spamming you guys with such emails from today onwards :p

p/s : Before I forgot, $%*X@$#%#$*X@$#%#$ those friends that didn't pick up my phone calls, make me worried like hell only...


Anonymous WQ said...

but..but...but....you didn't even call/sms in the first place :'(

5:50 PM  

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