Monday, June 12, 2006

Bad Dream

There is one thing I never quite figured out why, that good things in my dream, always turn out the opposite, but for bad dreams, it always "DREAM COME TRUE".

And I thought my wet dream would turn a bit better as I'm working with tons of leng loois now, you know, better scenery, tons of girls have crush on me..... etc.
Out of so many girls, I dreamt the Korean guy cool colleague. The only conversation we had that I could recall is "Hi" and "Bye", if that is counted as chatting. But in the dream he start talking in cantonese. This is so damn wrong! I told a friend about this and she's like "WHAT?! How GAY is that?" She then force me to blog this. But in order not to let people *misunderstand* that I'm gay, she suggest I put the below paragraph as closing:

"but having said all that, the dream means nothing to me because I just had sex with my girlfriend and it felt so good so we did it another two more times and that just means i'm not gay"

Damn.. I think it makes me sound ever GAYer... and my girlfriend gonna kill me

for lying (about the sex part ok, not the gay!!!)