Tuesday, September 16, 2008


A bit late, especially the whole world already heard about it. Nevertheless a good joke is always nice to share at anytime.

Don't understand? Let me simulate a scenario for your better understanding.


One day, Innocent Girl went shopping in a megamall during mega sale, after the sale war she was happily carrying 5 pairs of new shoes, 10 sets of new cloths & a "How to blog for dummies" book back to her car. Suddenly a Bad Guy jumps out from nowhere, holding a parang...

Bad Guy from Bukit Bendera: I want to rob your money and colour ! wahahhahaha...

Innocent Girl : **High pitch in C key*** aaaaaAAaaaaaaaa ~~~ Heeeeeeellllllpppppppp ~~~

The Bad Guy from Bukit Bendera got provoked and slash the Innocent Girl, but just before the parang hit the Innocent girl, her survival instinct kicks in, and her reflex system trigger her leg to kick the Bad Guy's balls.

Bad Guy from Bukit Bendera : *Rolling on the floor* OMG... pecah liao...

Then the Innocent Girl faster drive her car away to the nearest police station and report to the police. But the next thing she knows, she was handcuffed by the police.

Innocent Girl : **Dumbfucked** WTF ~ KNNCCB, what the hell you are doing?

Police : Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar thinks your life was threatened, so we have to detained you under the Internal Security Act (ISA)!

So there goes the Innocent Girl, locked up and sleeping on a concrete floor in jail, wondering what she had done wrong besides voting for the wrong government...


Morale of the story : (pick one, whichever applies)

1) Innocent Girl should kick the Bad Guy's balls few more times with her sharp high heels so that the police will detained him due to Innocent Girl is threatening his life rather than he threatening hers.

2) Siao, don't report police la... wanna go 1 day tour in jail kah?

3) Don't go shopping, better still, don't go anywhere, just stay home and plant mushroom.

4) Don't buy books or do anything related to blogging.

5) Don't vote dumb ass as government, coz they should be the ones that been detained.

So the next time when you're in danger, may be your should call me rather than police because the police will lock you up, but I can always ramp my car over the bad guys and send them to the police for lockup after we kick their balls & ass ;)


Blogger ky_sky said...

may be i am a bit updated.
after live in this motherland for more than 20years, this is the very first time i "noticed" that ISA can be used to protect people......

2:22 AM  
Anonymous sss said...

very good la your scenario simulation. hahaha.

2:03 AM  

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