Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bangkok @ Pattaya - 18-23 Jul 2008

I got so tan, that my mum took a minute to recognize me before she opened the door and let me in.

It was a great trip, finally got to see the famous tiger show, Ah Kua show, Model show , Spiderman show, & Macho man show. The shows are fabulous, and i thought my job sucks, until i see theirs, so they won -_-lll

Anyway, picture time :)

A funny thing happened during the trip on day 4, when we switch to business suites back in first hotel.

Tripmate 1 : "Wah.. this room is better than the previous one, they even have MICROWAVE."
Tripmate 2 : "Har? Where got microwave? "
Tripmate 1 : *Point to microwave*

I think if tripmate 2 didn't tell tripmate 1 about it, we might see tripmate 1 microwaving a chicken in the safety box, that would be quite a scene.

It's always nice to go trip with a bunch of jokers...haha...


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