Sunday, February 25, 2007

The anti-valentine tournament

Round 1
Pre-planned valentine day's gifts, spend less than RM200 for her presents during sale :)
Winner : The blardy hell conman businessman, because splendid_way still pay them.

Round 2
Survived without flowers, chocolates, and bears, estimated money saved > RM 200
Winner : Splendid_way

Round 3
Went to Taman Billion for western food. They got new expensive menu with limited dishes, no valentine decoration at all, no valentine package, but food and drinks cost more. Shared a sizzling lamb chop and a cup of watermelon juice, although the waitress keep asking "One enough ah ?"

See, that's the advantage of having a gf who doesn't ate a lot, and splendid_way's got a good reason to eat less coz his gf been complaining about his growing tummy... Half the price, yet still can enjoy lover's style food sharing. Some couples just walked away when they saw the new menu, really hero.

Winner : Tie

And for the overall winner : Splendid_way ( Thank you ~ thank you~ )
Why? Because without flowers, chocolates, and bears during valentines can score A++ already :p

Anyway when I was having dinner with my gf at the blardy hell western food place, I notice only the kid couples (less than 20 years old) bought flowers. Their gf happily holding flowers and dozens of bears. The more "mature" couples, like me, I didn't see anyone holding flowers, either they feel "pai seh" to show off like the young girls or their bf smart enough to avoid been slaughtered, like me :)

Wanna see the real winner? Click here

Monday, February 12, 2007

I hate valentine's day

Whether during the time I don't have gf, or now.

Many years back my buddies and I decided to pub-ing during valentines day behind East-in hotel, hoping to get lucky with some hot chun chick there. Pathetically, most of the lonely desperate guys in PJ also thinking the same thing. So end up the pub was full of GUYS! Like a losers' gathering like that -_-ll

It's even worse if you going to the restaurant, couple holding hand, kissing, hugging.. blah blah blah... etc... KO.. whatever...

Now I am having a dilemma on what to buy for my gf during valentine's day. It must be a conspiracy I tell you. Flowers' price went up doubled/tripled, nice restaurant take their opportunity to slaughter the couples, chocolate in heart shape box cost quadrupled... and somehow my gf got brainwashed to believe that girls MUST receive flower during valentines, together with the choc, plus dining at a cool restaurant. Don't believe me ? Go check out, places like lunar bar and KL tower are fully booked two weeks before Feb 14...

Me : Dunno what to get ah...

CY : hmm... i should give my bf shaving stuff, he needs it :D

Me : eh shaving stuff not cheap also... Gillette sensor 3 also cost 20 over.. then the cartridge also cost around that price for 4 the shaving foam.. after shave solution...can go up to 100

Me : damn... if i'm anywhere less hairy i'll save lots of money liao...

CY : HAHHAHAHA... ok ok but he's not THAT hairy so it'll be worth it :D

The reason I like so much, not only because it's fun, because of this.

If you think he is blardy hairy, wait till you see this...

and this...

I think I'll just skip the leg and the length comparison, don’t wanna scare my friends here... You know, only hairy guys, like Kenny, myself, and others, understand the feeling and the shits (constant yanking from girls, just to name one) we have to went through...

Eh, out of topic already... let’s go back to the valentines... Sigh... wish me luck dudes, hopefully I survived the Feb 14 exploitation :p