Sunday, April 30, 2006


Friday 21/4/06
Interview by HR senior manager, my future bosses and colleague.

Monday 24/4/06
Got called from HR senior manager, I'm hired. Start work on Wednesday 26/4/06.

Wah... talk about efficiency, like, my previous company took total of 2 month plus before they could hire me. Not like they have 100 people to interview, as far as I know they have only 3. My friend says "Big company is like that..." But my new company is also one of the top performing company WORDLWIDE. That's good, I hate to work with people who procrastinate.

Wednesday 26/4/06MY first day at work.
The first two person that I know once I step into the office is leaving the company next week. I was like "huh?! -_-"" and my boss like "Move move... let's go to the next person..." After get to know the people around, whom I think I forgot 50% of their names, got myself a few thick documents to read for the next few days before my system is set up.

When the very much anticipated first lunch come, normally it would be some welcoming party/lunch or something, like the one I had in my previous company, who knows it ends up to be a FAREWELL lunch, coz the HR senior manager who hire me is leaving. Now this is really efficient, either hire or resign, they all did it much faster than anyone else. I was really amazed.

Later in the day, there was a meeting held by the HR with newbies. Most of them worked more than 2 weeks and above, when they ask me how long I was here, without much thinking I say: "a few hours... " Everyone broke into laughter. May be I should say "more than 300 minutes" to make it sound longer.

Friday 28/4/06
Another farewell lunch. Technically I'm not part of the lunch group coz I was sitting outside secret recipe with my boss, having natural sauna in nicotine steam. The marble cheesecake was one of the worst I ever tasted. I wonder they ever have any QA done on their cakes nowadays. Not that I anti-social nor love having natural sauna under sunshade, I would really love to join my new colleagues, coz it's a totally different world to me.

My previous company was a manufacturing company, a place where 7 out of 10 are guys, another one is gay or confused, 1 is married woman and 1 is begging someone to marry her. At the end some guys actually went to marry the operator, that’s where the girls are. But now in my new company, 8 out of 10 are girls, 1 is the guy who helped setting up my PC and another is me. I can almost count all the guys in the company with 10 fingers, may be there are more, but I don't have the habit of looking at guys anyway. For people who do engineering, having more girls than guys in working place is a dream far beyond reach. The environment is so bad that I saw lots of nice, handsome, rich (oh yeah, no gf & never pat tor b4, that's why so rich) guys end up alone till 30 something. I even had a senior who ask me how to get a gf for the return of him teaching me work related stuff. That's so pathetic, but I heard he finally got a gf last year.

I nearly choke with my cheesecake when my boss told me to be careful with office romance, coz she knows where I’m from. Damn, I'll never send my son to do engineering in future, the all man environment makes any guy in there look like ham sap desperado. I no need to get into an all girls company in order to get a gf la, sound so much like a looser. They should have a column in the job application form that sounds like "Do you have a gf/bf? Yes/No " for me to happily CIRCLE+UNDERLINE+HIGHLIGHT the Yes !

Somehow I got the feeling that my engineering friends gonna force me to introduce girls to them when they saw this post. Let me see, how much they charge nowadays? RM1000 for each successful couple? Anyone interested to open a match making company? I can provide stocks :P

Monday, April 24, 2006

It died

The quantum fireball hard drive gave up. There goes my precious data..... AGAIN !! AARRRGGHHHH @#()*%&@$(

I once read an article from a woman that losing data is more painful than giving birth to a baby. So I'm like, giving birth to baby twice already... Somehow I don't feel so much of pain compare to the first time, which cost my 4 year college life, including all the projects, digitally scanned pic (that time digicam is still a rare item), contacts, emails, nude leng looi pic cute bunny/kitty/doggy pic, 5 GB of porn, scenery wallpaper, final year thesis, ...etc. It's like, part of me died as well during that time.

Despite my expert knowledge on hard drive, it only helps salvaging part of the data. Suppose tools like Norton Utilities could help recover corruption, bad sector and some minor problems, but for my case a continuous knocking sound from the drive shows that either it's a mechanical failure, contamination, drive too old, or reserved area corrupted. The only solution might be calling the data recovery experts like this who use clean room environment and tools to retrieve the data, and it gonna cost far more than a couple of new hard drive.

I use to get friends asking me for advice on hard drives. You see, the only way to prevent this is to backup your important stuff daily. The only thing stopping you from doing it is laziness, that explains why I lost my data. To make things simpler, I come out with a lifespan formula (boy I love formula...hehehe...) of the hard drive:
Hard disk life x 10 = human life
(suppose to be the approximately equal sign, but can't get it anywhere)

Basically hard drive is just like human. For example, if you bought your hard disk 6 years ago, the hard disk now is about 60 years old of human age, so you come and ask me whether you should start backup data, I'll say how much is the probability of human being live pass 60? Accident happens to human, so do hard drive. If you lucky to have a hard disk of 8 years, please run a scan disk (surface scan of course) throughout the whole disk, and you'll sure find some bad sectors, corrupted areas and so on, very similar to various sickness human would get when he/she is 80 years old.

If you are lucky enough, you hard drive might give out some signals before it died. Such as frequent hang, file corruption, auto restart, strange sound from hard drive, knocking sound from hard drive, blue screen/send error report. Don't be panic if it happens once a while because windows is very good in mimicking such symptoms to get your attention, just like a crying baby.

1. Why is data loss prevention so important?Data Loss can spell total disaster.
A study by the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington D.C.
showed that if a disaster causes companies to lose their data for 10 or more
days, 50% of them file for bankruptcy almost immediately following the loss, and
another 43% will file for bankruptcy within a year.

2. How often should
I backup?The best policy is to backup all of your critical data every 24 hours.
This is the only way to ensure your latest work is fully backed up should you
ever need it.
Quoted from here.

Wow, like 7% of companies using just paper, no pc, no email, no notebook. I wonder the next terrorist attack will be targeting on servers either using bomb or hardcore virus, 93% of companies would just vanish, follow by an economy crisis.
So start backuping your stuff today, that's what your CD-R, DVD-R, blu-ray disc, and thumb drive are for, although it can be conveniently used for exchanging porn crucial information.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Joke of the day

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and then.....

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Our government listens to people?


For the people?

By the people?

Ok, I know, I’m not that good in telling joke, makes you wanna cry than laugh eh?

Friday, April 14, 2006

Heavenly Cheesed

Home made mango cheesecake.

Haven't been eating anything so delicious that worth my time to blog lately. The fresh mango (thanks to mango season) added some flavour and sweetness, mix very well with the sour creamy cheese, plus the lower layer of biscuits, it's just so good....

*eating cheesecake*

A solution to the lousy secret recipe's cheesecake. It was good when it first opened, but I think their boss haven't been eating his own cakes lately.

A friend told me she use cheese to do mask. OMFG!! CHEESE FOR MASK?! THAT"S A CRIME! YOU HEAR ME? A C.R.I.M.E!!!
Cheese is food, not mask! It suppose to melt in your mouth not on your face! Damn... these people just don't know how to appreciate cheese.... It's like using computer to type out a letter and snail mail to the person, rather than sending email which arrive almost instantly. WASTED~

Anyway I did my cheese test and...

Check your cheese here today.

But I actually prefer this

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Porridge cooking king in the history of human kind

I always thought if one day there will be a telephone porridge cooking competition, I might have a big chance to win based on my 12 hour 'pou zok' record, until I saw this.

RM806 trillion phone bill?! OMFG!

Let us do some calculation here. He paid his January phone bill. Assume this 806 trillion is accumulated phone bill of feb till now, which is approximately 70 days, equal to 100800 minutes. If he would to call non stop for 70 days, every minute cost him RM8 billion, WHERE THE HELL IS HE CALLING TO?

No, he is not calling hell, because hell is on earth, the most expensive direct international dialing rate according to Telekom is only RM5 per minute. The earth diameter is 12,756 km. Technically calling the other side of the earth is more expensive than calling to hell because hell is much closer.

Therefore, RM5 per minute for 12,756km, RM8 billion will let him call 20 trillion KM away. The farthest planet from sun, Pluto, is ONLY 5.75 billion KM away from earth. So this guy must be doing a DIRECT CALL out of the Solar System, pou zok with some extraterrestrial intelligence who speaks human language every second non stop since February. I was just curious, did anyone see a copper line wired out of the Solar system from Malaysia? It must be copper wire because that's what Telekom have, don't even think about fiber optics.

By the way, if the guy did pay his bill of RM806 trillion, Telekom will be the No.1 company in the Fortune 500, no, not just Fortune 500, it will be in the human history as well, because all Fortune 500 or even Fortune 1000 company's revenue add up also don't have RM806 trillion!

Now don't get an alien gf unless you are rich enough to pay the phone bills.

p/s : Well done again, Telecon Telekom.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Revisiting nightmare

It's the job hunting/hopping season again. Happening people like me of course won't miss the fun.

I went to the Malaysia Career & Training Fair 2006 in Mid valley last weekend. It's like a heaven for job seekers. The HR personnel from each company will approach you before you ask them any vacancies available. But whether one will get hired is another question.

Now cracking my head and reading the text book which I borrowed from my ex-coursemate. Luckily she didn't BBQ the books like all of us did after graduation. Reviewing Fourier Transform formulas is like going through the worst nightmare again during my college time.
Damn... what to do, I can't even remember the leng looi's name whom I met in college, not to say all these 'nightmares'. But for the sake of third interview on this coming wednesday, die die also must read...

My mum called me and say :"remember to study hard ar ~".

Walaueh... I haven't heard this since I graduated 4 years ago....

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Happy April Fool

Wish your all a happy april fool. Me so far still surviving, hehehe...

So many people having streamyx problem lately,

Just to let you guys know that they actually have rebate for the disconnection. What you have to do is to log on to HERE and write a complain. Got this information during my last call to the help line after some "friendly" chatting, the poor guy finally reveal the secret to me. But I haven't try yet la... tell you guys later if they do rebate.

Yesterday found a dead bird near my house. Was planning to snap a photo but people tell me not to go near dead bird/chicken/goose/duck/human, so no photo for you guys.