Tuesday, September 27, 2005

erizabesu... The Angel/Devil?

I still remember when I was small I heard conversation from Hong Kong Kung Fu movies, phrases like "We haven't met for more than 10 years.... bla bla bla..." I used to think that was very cool, As they must be very good friend because that time my friendship intensity calculation is directly proportional to time, as shown below.

However through out these years, this formula that I use to believe doesn't apply on all the friends that I met. Sad to say, especially the only two friends whom I know since I was kindergarten, went in to the small primary and secondary school, yet we weren't that close as we used to be when we were small. But they always remain my best friend in my heart.

Last friday I have a chance to say "Woah.... We haven't met for more than 10 years liao.... bla bla bla...". And I realised that this is NOT COOL AT ALL! Because all the Kung Fu master whom say this are extremely old, white hair with super long beard, on the edge of dying in a battle coz they only gather when there is a problem. Anyway the good news is, my childhood formula could be applied.

This special girl is WQ. I was really impressed because she still remember I was left handed after all these years, my secondary school buddies don't even know coz till now they would still "Walaueh, you are 'Toh Qiew Kuai'" (Hokkien: Left handed monster). I still remember she was a active and talkative (yes, I forgot to tell you this :P ) girl. You could always see her around, one of the popular girl in primary school. She speaks good english, as far as I remember. But I couldn't really remember whether I did bullied her a not, I think I did, and a lot, coz all the cute and pretty girls in my class should be bullied by me before :P May be that's why I still remember her after all these years, found her blog while browsing around.

From KLCC Signature Food court's lunch to California Pizza Kitchen's dinner, we chatted from 1.30pm till 9pm. That was like, more than what I talk for 2 weeks. Childhood friends' gossip, new friends, interesting/funny/stupid stuff around us, Crapz... we chatted almost everything. The funny thing is, she lost her voice after this... hehehe... and its getting late so we call it a day.

She looked shy, isn't she? Wait till you see her true colours... :P

*WQ, will call you for reunion, don't worry ~ You still have few months to learn how to use mascara and dress nice before CNY*

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Cure your boredom for 30 minutes (Or more)

Having a bored day, erizabesu showed me some fun.


Me: huh ?

God: What?

Me: i'm chatting with god ?

God: I am talking to you.

Me: any chance i can chat with buddha ?

God: No I don't think there are any.

Me: y ?

God: What's your favorite movie?

Me: u haven't answer my question.

God: I think I have answer your question, but Myself may have reset my memory.

Me: why you wanna reset your memory?

God: Myself programmed me for it.

Me: why myself programmed it that way ?

God: Reductionism.

Me: what ? that must be a bug...

After that GOD hang... so I refresh the page....


God: What were we talking about again?

Me: you just hang....

God: Interesting gossip: said I hang.

Me: there must be a bug in your program

God: Where are they?

Me: somewhere in the coding, mind if I help you debug ?

God: Where? That was a long time ago.

Me: I'll DEBUG you !

God: Do you think your plan will succeed?

Me: you guess.

God: Guess what?

Me: my plan will succeed a not.

God: Your plan will succeed a not?

Me: damn... you reset again ?

God: What's wrong. Once more? Thanks for telling me: said I reset.

Me: You told me you were programed to reset

God: Program B is an updated version of Program A. Program A is an OLD OBSOLETE VERSION of ALICE, an artificial intelligence created by Richard S. Wallace. You should be using program B or C by now.. Program B includes an Application GUI, an Apllet and a Web Server Interface.

Me: oh I see. I want program D God.

God: Do you think about these things? Why do you want it?

Me: Because I don't want to talk to a dumb ass obsolete god.

God: Good reason. Thanks for chatting, .

I think this Alice program A dumb ass IGod is cute. Try call someone that you just know for like 5 minutes that he's a dumb ass, I bet he won't reply with "Good reason, thanks for chatting" and you might end up in hospital. This GOD is so cool ~

You have fun with GOD here.

I'M ALIVE Episode II - The return of WAY~

Immediately after I post the last "I'm ALIVE" entry, the telekom phone line died this time.

I dunno how about others but for me, stupid things/challenges/problem/disasters always happen in a series. In this case, I can clearly see that the common denominator is TM! But I can't just switch to other service provider because they are the ONLY ONE.

I was looking for someone to open fire. No, of course not the customer service personnel because it's not their fault and it won't make any difference. Dato' Abdul Wahid Omar, CEO of TM will be the best choice. But too bad I dunno his phone number so I can't call and tell him his company sucks big time, both broadband and fixed line. Once you are their customer, they are so reluctant to service you. At one point Phil was discussing with me that may be we should cancel the service and apply a new one, so they'll be more willingly to come to our house and fix the problem.

Lastly, I got something to say.....

"MCCB KNNPKM GOD DAMN Shit Bloody hell Retard Tiu L** M*****FUC*** whoever sabotage/screw up my streamyx & telekom line, @()$*%&$*#$&^(#&=$..... "

Wah.... Shhh Fok Sai....

** Oh buddha please forgive me for swearing, can't help it, won't happen next time till TM screw up concurrently twice **

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yo dudes~ I"M ALIVE!

Not blogging for more than a week doesn't confirm that I'm DEAD! Anyway something did die, not me, but the STREAMYX. If I could just know how "good" the technical support was, I wouldn't waste my time depend on them. OMG, did I just said "depend"? That's the worse party one can depend on....

Day 1 15th September 05
- Set my DAP to download Groove's "God is a girl" and went to work. When I was back, Phil told me that there's a black out for near 2 hours from 11.30pm till 1.30am.
- Come on, I wasn't even downloading porn, it's not even in my pending download list. I had grew up to be able to realise that real action is always better than watching DVD/VCD/MPEG/JPEG/. May be someone don't like the idea of "God is a girl". Nice song, anyway, happen to got it before the blackout.

*** Note to Ah F, after reading the above paragraph doesn't mean you should stop sending me the "good" stuff ***

Day 2 16th September 05
- Power On/Off the DSL305E modem, repair my network settings, bypass splitter/switch, usually works but it didn't this time. Well, I was very much alive and happy 10 years ago without internet, I won't die without it for, few days.
- Call 1-300889515 for TM technical help. The technical guy ask me to do the same thing I just did. Damn, I just use my common sense but those people were trained with common sense only. So I logged a report.

Day 3 & 4
- It's weekend ~ I'm too busy till no time to online. No reply from TM, they probably went to check out the MATTA fair.

Day 5 19th September
- Start to worry my mailbox will get overload thanks to Ah F & CY, on second thought, 1GB should be able to sustain for, like, 2 weeks?
- ICQ/MSN/YAHOO/BLOGS/TRADING.... aarrrggghhh... It's harder than I think. Called TM again to check out the status, they said no problem at their side, suggested me to reboot my PC. I was like "WTF?" I logged the report at 15th and now is 19th. That guy think my PC is a server on for 24/7 and I haven't reboot my PC since the first day I switch it on.
- Exactly 3.53pm a friend message me and ask whether I'm still alive. I think it was a joke. But half and hour later another friend message me and ask me the same thing. OMG, I REALLY have to get my internet back!!!!

Day 6 20th September
- Not working today. So I reset the DSL modem, TM side they reset as well. Call the TM coz I never set up the dialer before. Lucky this time I got a technical guy who said the magic word"@streamyx". And why no one told me since the first time I called?
- Now only I confirm that the blackout might caused the router settings to get wiped off or corrupted. So I setup the router again. Thanks to zam4ever for the steps.

Ok, Max, don't laugh, I know I should have know all these basic/common sense but I think I had returned everything to you... hehe...

Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm going to be extraordinary soon, are you?

For months it doesn't really matters to me that whether it is monday, friday, or sunday. May be the jam around shopping mall will remind me it's weekend, other than that, I think I'll be happy everyday without having the "Oh gawd, how much i wish it was friday today" dilemma until I get back into employment line. But the trade off is I'M DAMN POOR LIAO LA.......

Stumble across erizabesu's
blog, I found something interesting. She's really out of this world by having a mono colour handphone. That is like, having a black and white TV at home. Actually there's nothing wrong with that, coz I still have lots of friends using mono-colour handphone, and for me, I just one leg "in of this world" by having a coloured screen phone. There is a 16 year old girl proud owner of a K700i asking me why I still using the lousy no camera, not MP3/MPEG supported, midi-poly ringtone, no bluetooth, no video recording... blah blah blah... handphone. Now this question actually kicks me out of this world.

So I guess I actually met an extraordinary gentleman when I was in US. He's using nokia 3210
. I also met this fantastic four alike girl using 5130. Chris turned back to extraordinary gentleman a while ago when his Nokia 3650 got stolen. KP told me a group of Japanese school kids laugh at him and his sister when they playing with their handphone while waiting for public transport during a trip in Japan. By the way, he's using Nokia's mono coloured luxury used to be 8890. Talk about Japan, they have 3G while we are still in mono colour handphone. So I have no idea what they are using now. Anyone please enlighten me ?

I'm not sure why people love to change handphone like changing their cloths. Follow the trend? Up to date? Fame? Too much money dunno were to spend? Company ordered like XXXXXXXX company who is a manufacturer of handphone, do not allow their employee to bring in any other brand of handphone into their working premise? I had to change coz I lost my old one.

If I would to change, it will be my parent's handphone first. Thanks to my bro they are using a camera phone now. Though they don't really ultilise the function much, I got my face snapped in their handphone. When I was small and not working, don't have any income, everytime my parents brought me something nice I would show off to me friends. Be it a watch, new shoes or new school uniform. Now they are not working and I had grown up, I'll buy for them. I think I'll just stop here before I get too emotional. Anyway I'll be back to Penang during Hari Raya. Any friends wanna have meet up please book earlier as time slot is running out fast... hehehe...

So, how many of you are extraordinary out there? Or Fanstastic? Or Superman/Superwomen?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

How much damage could a 3 year old gave?

Ok, you got the question, use your imagination and tell me. Below is how 3 year old mess up my weekend.

It was a bright sunny Saturday, no jam as usual coz KL people don't wake up so early, everything was so fine until i went to the shop and found out the PC can't load the program. OMG, that's a crisis, I can already imagine customer complaining and stuff pile up at the counter. Luckily the IT support is available since it is a working Saturday. Carry the PC to the headquarters and they manage to fix it. However when I went back, this time windows cannot start, and the IT people already went back home. I believe "DAMN" in this case is polluting the beauty of language but before I know I already used it.

Therefore for the next 24 hours I used up my computing knowledge I had, failure analysis skills, problem solving skills, hardware debugging skills, work till forgot to eat skill and work till no need to sleep skill to counter the problem. Going through some very emotional state such as regret of relying so much of the headquarters IT people who at the end didn't fix the problem, trapped in tension with no way out, and the mind of giving up and throw everything to the IT people on monday. But if all these get me, my degree in computing would have mean nothing and I feel like a looser. At the end i been through it, despite the stupid windows giving wrong direction telling me is a hardware malfunction.

So, who mess up my weekend?

His name is W32.Valla.2048. Anyone know who is his father please tell me, I gonnna do more than just kicking his big fat ass. Discovered on Nov2002, nearly 3 year old now. His is expert in plastic surgery, making things look different and even windows can't recognize himself so he can't load up. If you still dunno what I'm talking about, I just went through a VIRUS ATTACK by W32.Valla.2048 which modifies executable files that you have in windows. Not only this, I also found some program/data corruption and bugs due to company cut cost and hire lousy programmer who I think better go wash toilet coz they create less damage by then. However the main culprit is still the 3 year old kid.

I should have took a picture of how messy the shop was. Somehow I gonna create a standby backup system, minimizing PC downtime. But all these after I take a good sleep. Good night, I mean, afternoon, everyone.