Monday, May 29, 2006

My blog

Lunatic having a blog dilemma, and somehow it spread to me like a week later. My blog was intended for anger management(example blog here) and a common point for friends to keep in touch. However as time flies, I actually found out that I don't really need anger management as I thought and I think it's better to let go the anger and save the happiness.

I use to keep diaries, like lunatic says
"last time even mum curi tengok the diary we also going crazy d, and now we publish and let everyone see it?"
I think I would even threaten to kill myself (I watched too much drama, yet I still love now :P). At the very beginning I was quite concern with how many people actually read my blog, like you know the coconut/potato sia, 100+ comments per day, but I think he deserves it, so do my friends whom I put their links here. They wrote pretty good stuff which I could laugh when I read it over again. Now I'm too lazy to keep the diary, instead I think I'll just love the tree more by supporting paperless diary a.k.a blog.

The bad thing is I'm not good in remembering things. So the blog serves a very good tool to remind me of my encounters. The good thing is since I easily forgot, I can't tell lies you see, coz I'll forgot, you need to remember what lies you tell and never-ending lies to cover the previous one. Unless I'm as powerful as the gabblement, then tell lies also no problem, no one dare to says anything. Like
"Government will not increase the burden of the people"
but later increase the electricity by 12%, or the joke here.

My blog also serves as my online briefcase. I keep some links and important info which I need to use from time to time. Like CY get to know there's streamyx rebate for every second your line is down. I'll compile the important details and put it in next post.

Nowadays we have several hundred millions of blogs, nothing so special about having a blog or who's reading your blog anymore. Some blogs even have more readers than a newspaper site. For the moment I'm very happy with the way it is now, and hopefully my friends will continue to blog, as phone call is expensive, I could just read your blog while waiting the testing result to come out while working :)

I was thinking to take out those dead blog's link but just in case they decided to blog again one day, may be I should put under "Waiting for resurrection" category.

Happy blogging guys and girls, I'll always read your blogs.

Monday, May 22, 2006


First entry written in my office ~ yeah ~ ^_^V

Thanks to Telekom, coz my phone line down again.

It is already 9.25pm and I’m still in the office. My boss told me that during her first interview, it was done after working hours, and her second interview, was done on public holiday. But she forgot to tell me this during the interview else I would know what I will get myself into.. My new colleagues, either they don't have a home or they don't have spouse to nag them go home earlier. Like, I have more than 15 people still in the office right now.. 14 of them working (I guess) and 1 is blogging :)

Thought of writing my life in the new company but, got a girl ask me to be her body guard, that's the opportunity busiest part for working in mostly girls company. And yeah, gossips spread faster than forest fire too, if you ask.

Till then, write more when I finish bodyguarding all the leng loois. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Choice of being happy

You know it will be a BAD day when:
1) Early morning saw a dog kena bang by car, cars followed behind that drove more than 90km/h ran over the dog again and again and... -_-" (didn't stay to watch since i'm driving too. But the next day everything is clean again, no trace) After that the car that hits the dog drive like, 40km/h, I guess he feels guilty for killing the dog, as he didn't slow down even he saw the dog is crossing the road, may be karma will turn him into a dog who cross the highway in his next life.

2) Got a pimples Cham... Not leng zai anymore.. cannot let leng lui kao for whole week :(

3) Bosses is on MC - Die liao la, boss + second boss work till sick, i still not sick, like i never work hard enough, then boss not here, all the stuff i have to do liao la...

You know it will be a GOOD day when:
1) Early morning saw a dog kena bang by car. Luckily not me bang the dog, car no problem, no karma, police won't come look for murderer, less one living organism consuming the oxygen, which become lesser and lesser nowadays.

2) Got a pimples. Pimples are only eligible for young people ok, that's why it's called "qing1 chun1 dou4" in mandarin. I'm still damn young...

3) All bosses is on MC!! NO GOVERNMENT! YES !! I'm the boss today, and I say EVERYONE CAN GO BACK EARLY!!

... and I'm having a good day today.
Oh my buddha, I don't really wish to have a dog died everyday, a new pimples everyday, or my boss sick everyday... How about a cockroach died everyday, become more leng zai everyday and my boss gives increment everyday?