Friday, July 20, 2007


26 June 2007, I downgraded my car :(

First day I got the car, the aircon water is leaking under the front passenger seat, and the Door-ajar warning lamp keeps turning on because the door behind the driver seat cannot close tightly. No big deal, send to the proton service center 2 days after and they fix it in less than half hour, FOC.

A RM27K Malaysia made car, there are many problems to be expected. Sarcastically, the owner's manual actually stated:

"Thank you for selecting Proton product as your vehicle. This owner's handbook will add to your understanding and full enjoyment of the many FINE features of this vehicle."

Fine my ass. I think I'll feel better if it sounded this way:

"We're sorry that you selected Proton products, as we know being a normal citizen like you working 9-6 without any lubang or datukship, you don't really have a choice. This owner's handbook will add to your frustration and suffering of the many FINE problems accumulated over the years since Proton was formed, enjoy~ sucker :p

A crystal ball name "Google" contains all the future problems that I will be facing with my car. All I need to do is to type the magic word of "Proton iswara problems". Indeed I really found one potential problem here. I had been having problem shifting the gear to 1st and 2nd. Gonna shoot kau the SC if they charge me for the problem when I send to service tomorrow.

Patience, splendid, I shall upgrade soon...

Update : The aircon broke down after the service on saturday, and I told myself this will be my last proton car.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm back

More than two months already. I haven't had much mood to write anything here.

It started with my red car broke down, send to service for 5 times, different mechanic, yet still unable to repair. They all give me the same expression, the "Hong Kong drama series doctor head shaking outside the surgery room" action. The next thing I know, my uncle passed away due to heart attack. My red car was bought from him many years ago. Tough car, just like him, use to be an athlete.

Was it a coincidence? I dunno...

Memories of him just keep flashing back everytime I see my red car. I can still remember how excited I was everytime I see him driving the red car to my house when I was small... one of my favorite uncle, one who I wish I could see him more now.. sigh.. I think I'll just stop here, don't feel like writing now..

RIP, my dear uncle Poh, we'll miss you a lot...